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Empowering Women Throughout Their Professional Journeys

Who We Are

We are Inspiring Women in Law League (IWILL), a dynamic and diverse community of innovative women who have taken control of our legal careers to enrich and nurture our lives. We actively acknowledge and celebrate the power, flexibility, and unique contributions and needs of women in law. 

The IWILL Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a supportive and safe space for individuals who identify as women to create deep relationships, provide unwavering support for one other, express themselves, and achieve financial success. We encourage our members to collaborate on legal work, marketing endeavors (social media and publicity), and networking events and opportunities--and to foster an entrepreneurial spirit to grow their practices through means such as generating referral fees and promoting innovative career opportunities.

Our actionable mission goes beyond shattering glass ceilings; it's about forging new realities that are just, equitable, and financially prosperous for all women in law. Together, we work towards a future where women in the legal profession not only dream big but also achieve their dreams on their own terms, opening new doors to a vibrant life they don’t need a vacation from.

IWILL Events + Activities

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